Saturday, July 9

Soul To Seoul: The View

I really love to enjoy capturing landscape shots and also having beautiful view. There are a few places which able to take your breath away for a sec.

Did some trail walk to Namsan Tower, also known as N Seoul Tower. Supposed we wanted to take the cable car up. Despite the long queue, we decided to skip the cable car and walk all the way up. It wasn't that bad though, just that you did so much walking for the past few days, and also wearing those thick layers of winter clothing, it kinda drain down your energy faster than you thought. And sweating in winter, not my first time experience.

This is just the beginning... The start point.

It's seriously beautiful up here... So breathtaking....

I don't know why, I just felt the sun was so close. And I stop here to enjoy the view for a bit before continue the walk.

I guess here is one of the best place to have a panorama view of Seoul city. It was really breathtaking. And I went during sunset time, it was the best moment ever, because sunset is just simply beautiful.

Then, we went to Dongdaemun where they have this futuristic architecture with a lots of LED roses. I went there on the first night, I couldn't find the roses. Probably I went there too late, they off the lights? Not quite sure. But there's this garden with all the LED lights, it looks super pretty at night.

So not too far away, this Cheonggyecheon stream flows across a few stations. It was pretty nice to have a river walk. 

Besides the famous Gyeongbukgung palace, there are many palaces in Seoul. We also went to Cheokdokgung palace where they have this super huge secret garden. It was a mandatory you need to follow the tour, probably they afraid you may get lost in the garden itself.

It was a 1-2 hour tour(if I'm not mistaken), the tour guide will bring you around the garden which was more than 5km. 

You can see the lake already turn to ice.

I wasn't sure where was this Samyetang (Ginseng Chicken Soup) at. But definitely not the famous touristy one... It taste real good. Not too bitter but just awesome.

Then, we also went to the Korean BBQ shop where it was somewhere at the alley for dinner. The shop owners do not know how to speak English. We just ask them to bring whatever it is nice with sign language.

It was a pretty descent Korean BBQ. We were like non stop add on to our order, which was not part of our plan. We wanted to just try it out and then go to some grocery store to get the cheap food to fill our tummy if we weren't full. But it was just worth it :) I can hardly find a good Korean BBQ in KL.


Wednesday, June 15

Soul to Seoul - Nami Island and Petite France

Spent the whole day at Nami Island and Petite France, where the movies make the whole place got popular. It is a little outskirt from Seoul, but I love this place which I can feel the peace and urban lifestyle here.

Nami Island was one of the best parts throughout the whole trip. This place got popular after Winter Sonata was a hit around the world. The best part of the day was snowing on Nami Island which makes so much more Winter Sonata. Although I don't quite like winter, cause it is too cold for my liking, but I really adore the snow just came at the right time.

We missed the first bus due to it was full. Therefore, need to wait for about like half an hour for the next bus =.=! Many have taken taxis too, but the waiting period also about the same.

Then, we took the shuttle bus to the next destination which is the Petite France. This was a newer tourist spot where they film 2 of the Korean dram I watched: You who came from the stars, and Secret Garden (which I personally like).

So this place is pretty at night when the lights were on, but it didn't really have much things, and I thought is a little waste of time too. I'm not so into touristy stuff, so yea...

When we are about to return to the train station using the last shuttle bus, it was so packed and stuffy and the routes are like roller coaster ride. I didn't get a seat and I was standing for like about 30 mins in situation makes me having nausea. Thank God I did not vomit on to anyone's head or something.


Saturday, June 4

Soul to Seoul Part 2

So I'm into palaces, and I've read about renting on Hanbok (traditional Korean wear) for photography.  I was excited about it, of course.

Went to this small Unhyeongung palace in the morning to rent the Hanbok for photography. I felt so much prettier  when I was in Hanbok, just like I was in Yukata. Haha... I guess all ladies do.

Bukchon Village is just walking distance, but you can easily miss the junction if you don't notice the signboard on the ground. I have no idea what  is so special about this village. Probably good for drama filming? No idea... Cause it looks a little antique and old fashion, which I usually adore.

After visited the village, was feeling hungry. Headed to a stall, somewhere down the road where the locals were having their snacks/lunch. Ordered this pork gyoza, and it was super good. I never tasted a gyoza which tasted so good before.

Of course, after our lunch, we went to Gyeongbokgung Palace to enjoy the change of guard session. They have only 1 or 2 sessions per day, couldn't quite remember. We rushed all the way there to watch the ceremony.

After that, went to Sejong The Great museum. He is someone who Koreans look up to. I didn't know him until I went to his museum which is quite nearby to the palace. (blame me bad history knowledge)

Long time ago, dynasty century, Sejong was the King for Korea. However, Koreans were not educated, and Sejong the King wanted to reach out to his people, to know more detail about their pain and suffer. Chinese words are tough for his people, therefore, Sejong created Korean characters (Hangul) for easy learning, so that he could understand his people more... Very interesting story. 

He also has his general who he trusted to protect his country. He was killed in the war but it was still a victory. but I forgotten his name

Then went to this famous Noryanjin Fish Market, which I guess you can skip if you are not really into exotic fish. This is the place where you pick your own fresh seafood and you can have the restaurant to cook for you.

What I heard from my friend was super fresh and delicious, but all these come with a price. If you are not so into exotic seafood, I guess no big deal to try. Cause for me, I don't feel comfortable to have my dinner in this market.

But the view was nice. Or should I rephrase as all sunset views are beautiful...

Went to this famous cafe called Paris Banguette to have a cup of hot coffee, as the temperature is dropping rapidly and my body haven't even catch up to cope with the temperature yet.

Then, went to Han River to surpassingly check out the rainbow bridge. However, the rainbow fountain from the bridge is only happening in the summer. So too  bad... :( But it was super nice to chill here and for a night walk.

I've spent a day in Nami Island and Petite France where the K drama making that whole island popular. Till next time...


Sunday, May 8

Soul to Seoul Part 1

Bringing myself back to Seoul about few months back. If you ask me Tokyo or Seoul, my answer would definitely be Tokyo! I believe same goes to others who have been to both.

I like to plan my itinerary with a slower pace, so that you can really enjoy your holidays, instead of there are thousands over checklist. I did a 8 days 7 nights trip where I have no time for Jeju and Ski :'( Nevermind, a reason for me to go back there again.

Had a 6 hours night flight, so touched down about 7 in the morning in Seoul. And I dislike winter actually. I really wanted to experience autumn in Seoul, but that's another story. So went to meet host who guided us to his duplex. I stayed near Seoul station, because lesser transits, especially to the airport with no transit. Have experienced train transits, it was pain in the ass (where you need to carry your 30kg luggage up and down using the stairs), I would love to avoid it as much as possible.

Once deposit our luggage to the apartment, and hot shower, and off we go exploring around Seoul. I was super excited until I realised it wasn't what I expected. But don't get me wrong, still a nice place to visit.

The Lotte Mart is near our apartment where we can purchase grocery easily for our breakfast throughout the week.

So we went to Garosil and Gangnam which is like the other side of Seoul, where you need to cross the river if you see it from the map.

It was like about 40 mins journey from Seoul station to Gangnam including all the transits.

So saw this Line store nearby, and wanted to order their super cute Line ice-cream but looking at the price, and just for the sake of cuteness, I give it a skip :(

I find it nothing much at Gangnam and Garousil. I would have expect it would be like Ginza in Tokyo, somehow it was not. I wasn't sure it was me or it was really true that, everywhere selling almost the same stuff (not talking about food).

After wandering for the whole morning, was damn hungry, and because I did some research, Myeongdong has more food and they look and sound tasty.

So had this chicken with glass noodle. The hardest-to-bite glass noodle I've ever tried. This was in Myeongdong btw. I guess they have better ones around for the locals, as this is a little touristy. And I notice the whole Seoul is super touristy, which I don't like, and only the last few days I went to those alleys where more locals exist, then you just ask them to bring the best food they have, as the menu got no English and photos.

I've tried Bake Cheese Tart in Tokyo, and it was the best. I heard Pablo too. So decided to try this as well. In fact, Bake is still the best tart ever! Probably I'll drop by Bake again when I'm going to Bangkok soon, if I have the time.

Then there's this Rose Gelato which I wanted to try so so so badly in Myeongdong. However, it was either I was extreme full whenever I pass by this shop, or I couldn't find the shop when I want to eat it. Damn!

And this egg bread is one of the bomb street food I've tasted. Super hot and soft. So when you have it during the winter, #imaginethatfeeling.

One of the churches in Seoul, which kinda reminds me of Italy...

So after the long day, decided to head back to our apartment and have some snacks and just sleep. And Market O Cheese Chips was one of the best chips ever! Bought the whole box back, and finished it like less than a month :(

So this was more or less of my Day 1 Seoul Trip where I do not really enjoy much. Probably I don't really like Myeongdong at all... But it gets better throughout the days.